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Church arm helps families with food

The Caritas Fiji Archdiocese of Suva has assisted 1000 families in COVID-19 containment areas with food rations.

This, according to organisation official Tevita Naikasowalu.

While the nation celebrated Fiji’s victory at the Olympic Games, he said frontline and humanitarian workers were putting their lives on the line so people in containment areas were fed.

“I would like to salute all frontline and humanitarian workers who put their lives on the line in the fight against COVID-19,” he said.

He said he was blessed to be part of the team distributing assistance.

This, he added, should remind people they needed to be grateful during this difficult time as communities struggled to find food.

“The little that we can share makes a huge difference in someone’s life and it is in giving that we also receive.”

The Caritas Fiji Archdiocese of Suva serves as the social arm of the Catholic church in society.

They associate with the poor as the chosen people of God and build a community of solidarity and concern for the poor leading to a culture of love in all parishes.

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