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Armoured catfish Sundaland noodlefish crappie powen, squawfish crocodile icefish sleeper shark.

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Caritas Fiji’s Board

Our Board brings a wealth of experience to our mission to eliminate injustices and build a safe and just world for all. The Board is responsible for guiding our strategic direction, monitoring our accountability and performance, and ensuring our compliance with relevant laws, codes of conduct and ethical standards.

President: Archbishop Peter Loy Chong – Archbishop of Suva


  1. F. Ioane Sigarara -Caritas Vicar 
  2. John Grey
  3. Josephine Yee Joy
  4. Isake Komailevuka
  5. Paulo Baleinakorodawa

Caritas Staff

  1. Arthur Groom (Interim Executive Director)
  2. Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane (Social and Ecological Justice Programme Coordinator)
  3. Gender Justice Programme Coordinator – Women Ministry (currently vacant)
  4. Disaster Management Coordinator (currently vacant)
  5. Makarita Fuata (Finance Officer)

Caritas Volunteers

  1. Iosefo Batigatagata Tamani (Disaster Management Volunteer)
  2. Milio Vakasirovoka (Men’s Ministry)

Support Staff

  1. Vilive Leba Iosefo (Grounds Officer)